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Fanciers of Shetlands in the United States began importing hardy little ponies from the Shetland Isles and Europe in the late 1800s. Immediately, the earliest owners and breeders embarked on a journey to improve the quality of stock by selectively breeding. In doing so, they established a truly unique American pony. Today's American Shetland and all its divisions are a testament to the vision of those pioneers who sought to create beautiful, elegant and well-made ponies capable of thrilling with their performance and animation while demonstrating the work ethic and stamina of their ancestors.

The American Shetland Pony Club, Inc., (ASPC) was established in 1888 to govern the burgeoning interest in Shetlands in the United States. It is one of this country's oldest equine governing bodies. Registry founders wanted to establish the purity of the stock and to maintain a reliable record of pedigrees and transfers for the American Shetland Pony. ASPC has also worked to promote its ponies of the years as well.

In addition to championing and advancing the American Shetland, the ASPC established other breeds and divisions under its auspices that complement its original vision and goals. That original vision is realized through the following American Shetland divisions: Modern, Modern Pleasure, Classic and Foundation Classic. Modern American Shetlands are the culmination of 120-plus years of breeding for refinement, animation and big motors in a smaller package. Modern Pleasure Shetlands embody some of the pizazz and style of Moderns in a slightly less extreme and lower maintenance form. Classic American Shetlands are a refined version of their American ancestors as well as the British Shetland. Foundation American Shetlands are a beautiful yet hardy pony that most resemble the original Shetland Ponies imported from the isles.

Over the years, some Shetland breeders developed other versatile ponies by crossing American Shetlands with other breeds. The ASPC's Harness Show Pony in the mid-1900s promoted animated driving animals and gave recognition to those first American Shetland crossbreds. After a hiatus of several decades, that division was reinstituted as today's American Show Pony Registry (ASPR). The ASPR provides a niche for dynamic larger Shetlands, smaller Hackneys and the crosses between Hackneys and ASPC-registered Shetlands.

As further testimony to the overall versatility of this small equine group, ASPC is also home to the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR), the oldest of all Miniature Horse associations.

Truly, the American Shetland Pony Club, Inc., offers something for every small equine lover, especially those who appreciate game driving partners. Hardiness, size, versatility, willingness and aptitude make American Shetlands, American Miniature Horses and American Show Ponies ideal candidates to pull a buggy...whether that is a sleek roadster sulky, a two-horse wagon, a beautiful carriage or a cart suitable for pleasure drives through the park or events of endurance.



Get Rewarded For Time Spent With Your Mini!

The mini Hours program is a great way to earn rewards for time spent with your miniature horse. the mini Hours program will allow you to log time spent doing what you do with your mini.

Whether it be grooming, playing, therapy work, parades, or training, turn in your time spent and receive rewards from AmHA. enroll and log your hours. Awards will be mailed to you upon completion of 100, 500 & 1000 hours and each 1000-hour plateau thereafter. enroll and start earning prizes today!The Mini Hours Log, Driver and Disabled Rider/Driver Programs are a great way for you to earn awards for the time you spend with your Miniature horse. Created for any age member, this program recognizes the personal achievements and benefits of multiple activities you do with your horse on a routine basis.

Whether you participate in trail drives, train and compete in shows, walk in parades, perform therapy work, or enjoy just grooming your mini, each hour will count toward your lifetime achievement record and enable you to receive recognition and awards from the AMHA. How To qualify:You must be a current AMHA member.

Any horses used in the program must be registered with the AMHA; there are no restrictions as to age or ownership.

Qualifying hours include activities such as:


■Grooming & clipping





virtually, any hours you spend with your horses are eligible hours

How To enroll:

■Send the completed mini Hours application form to the AMHA office.

■ All horses enrolled must be AmHA registered. Participants may use multiple AmHA registered horses and do not need to own the horses used in the program.

■Logged hours must be recorded on official forms available from the AmHA. records will be permanently maintained in the AMHA office.

■Mini Hours enrollees receive a certificate upon achieving 100 hours.

■At 500 hours an official mini Hours sticker is awarded.

■Awards to be determined for 1000 and each 1000-hour plateau reached thereafter.

■Acknowledgment of hours accrued for each horse will be recognized in the April/May issue of MHW with a reference to hours logged and a photo.

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