Two Year Old Miniature Horse Mares For Sale - 2020 Mares



RHA Unique Duchess



ASPC Foundation Registered Shetland 2020 Bay SHOW Mare



Wa-Full Unique Tom The Builder (Legend)    x    RHA Unique Miss Kitty (HOF)


Foaled 7/01/2020


This ultra refined LEGEND daughter is just 36" tall at twp years old and is eligible for AMHR Hardship measuring next year as a three year old.


Duchess is a product of the "Legendary" RHA (Rocking Horse Acres) breeding program.


She exemplifies the QUALITY and CONSISTENCY that RHA bred horses are world renowned for.


Duchess proves you can never get enough of a good thing - her sire, LEGEND is also her maternal GRAND SIRE, doubling up on those legendary lines.


She measured just 36" as a full two year old and looks to be maturing under 38" so she could be hardship registered at age three.


Look around - it's nearly impossible to find a LEGEND daughter for sale!


She's one of only TWO on our website offered to the public.


If you are wanting to improve your ASPC herd and incorporate smaller, refined mares into your breeding program - BUY THIS MARE!



OFFERED AT $3,850.00








Chandler Marks



Located in Ocala, Florida




The Marks Agency, Inc

Founded and focused from the customer’s point of view of Equine Insurance needs.

Providing you with direct communication to a licensed insurance producer with continued customer support from application to renewals.  We educate and provide proper tools for our clients to be prepared for the unexpected.

Providing Insurance while building relationships for #1 customer service!

The Marks Agency, Inc. founded by life long equine enthusiast Chandler M. Marks, is backed by the worlds leading providers for Equine Insurance needs – GREAT AMERICAN, with history dating back to 1872.



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RHA Unique Flirtation



ASPC/AMHR 2020 Black 37" Mare




Wa-Full Unique Tom The Builder (Legend)   x    RHA Flirting With Disaster


Foaled 4/15/2020


This black beauty is a double registered Shetland, looking tomature around 37.5" tall.


"Fancy" is a clean slate -


- she's had very little handling and is ready to be molded into your next show horse, driving prospect or whatever adventures you have in store for her!


These "pasture" photos do not do her justice!


Fancy is balanced and correct with a long, well set neck, pretty head, big soft eye and perfect tail set!


She could excel as a show mare or improve your breeding program with her National GRAND CHAMPION bloodlines!


At this time she's not suitable for a novice.


She'll need more hands-on training but she's good minded and smart!





Linda Kint


(717) 953-4636





Located in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania


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Stars Troph E Wife


ASPC/AMHR 2020 36.5" Bay Overo Pinto Mare






Sunny Side Candyboy Bey Beauty


AMHR Registered 2020 Bay Pinto Mare





Sunny Side Jess E Beautiful Too


AMHR Registered 2020 Palomino Pinto Mare






DVM Trouly Rapture My Heart



AMHA/AMHR 2020 34+" Bay Pinto Mare


RHA Unique Troubadour    x   JSW Royal Romance


Foaled 04/01/2020



If you love bold color and beautiful faces - Rapture is your girl!


Registered AMHA and AMHR but sells with no AMHA height guarantee.


Rapture "Trouly" is a blank canvas - ready to go whichever direction you are headed in.


Breed her - show her - train her to drive - or just look at her like eye candy in your pasture!



WELL PRICED AT $4,500.00







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Welcome to Diva Valley Miniature Horse Farm !

We started raising Miniature Horses in 1980 as Jones’ Mini-Whinnies but have now converted to Diva Valley Miniature Horse Farm as we have changed our breeding program to accommodate the ever increasing competition in the AMHA and AMHR. DVM Farms is owned by Nicole and Boomer Pearsall and is located in western Pennsylvania just off I-80 just a few yards over the OH/PA border about an hour north of Pittsburgh and an hour east of Akron, OH.  Nicole and Boomer also own Penn-Ohio Veterinary Services which is also located at their residence in West Middlesex which requires a lot of their attention; however, with the help of Nicole’s amazing mother, Elaine Buchanan, the horses are well-taken care of and spoiled !  Our horses boast many of the top bloodlines that are winning in the show ring today such as Graham’s Ragtime, First Knights Billy Idol, Champion Farms Nighthawk, and Buckeye WCF Leeland Royal Grand; but, at the same time are deeply rooted in bloodlines that have stood the test of time such as FWF Little Blue Boy, Boogerman, Rowdy, Sid’s Rebel, FWF Little Wardance, and Gold Melody Boy. Our horses hold many AMHA and AMHR National titles and also Hall of Fame titles.  

Now after 35 + years of raising miniatures, we are very proud of what we are producing.  We have sold minis to many different countries and enjoyed meeting people from all over the World.  Please feel free to call or stop by our farm to see what we have to offer!



Nicole & Boomer Pearsall
5 Jimro Road West Middlesex, PA  16159
(412)527-0358  (call or text)

Located in Pennsylvania

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Covergirls Rocks Pink Sapphire


AMHA/AMHR 2020 Buckskin SHOW Mare



reece family miniature horses


Eagles Nest Toppers Bacardi (July 2022)

Eagles Nest Sharifs Royal Zena (June 2022)

Stars Troph E Wife (May 2022)

SunnySide Candyboy Bey Beauty (May 2022)

SunnySide Jess E Beautiful Too (May 2022)

Covergirl Rocks Pink Sapphire (April 2022)

JSW De Vincis Im That Kinda Girl (April 2022)

JSW Dust Me Off With Champagne (April 2022)

JSW Prime Times Memphis Pearl (April 2022)

DVM Epics Designed To Dazzle (April 2022)

DVM Call Me Clarissa (March 2022)

Sandbox Getaway Car (August 2021)

Oak Bay Bristol Bessimia (November 2020) Headed to CT

B Meyer Black Raven (August 2020)

B Meyer Charl "E" Tibbs Heir (April 2020)

Panoramas Sallys Chit Chat (February 2020)

Little Kings Arabeque (February 2020)

Rainy Day Riley Of Panorama (February 2020)

Carefrees Portrait Of A Lady (February 2020)

Hopkins PC Pandora (February 2020)

Aloha MiniRock Unchain My Heart (February 2020)

DVM Athena Hawk (December 2019)

DVM Pasos Blue Harmony (December 2019)

Sunny Side Neon To The Moon (December 2019)

Skylites Divine Design (December 2019)

LE Aces Electra (September 2019)

Minners Amadeus Razzle Dazzle (July 2019)

OP Desert Springs Dark Desire (July 2019)

Olympian Country Debutante (July 2019)

Olympian Idosl Velvet Kisses (July 2019)

Carefrees Self Portrait (April 2019)

Lil Achers Aint She Purdy (March 2019)

TOF Baybees Arabella (December 2018)

Azariahs Alluring Eagle (December 2018)

DVM Pasos Iam Sasha Fierce (October 2018)

Mini Ridge La Luna Bella (September 2018)

Echo Falls Bey Eclipse (August 2018)

Hopkins Angelic Image (April 2018)

Lucky Four Thunders Dream Come True (Jan 2018)

Bandidos Repeated In Red (October 2017) Sold to France

PHR Candy Crush (August 2017) Congrats to CMC Miniatures

EE Princes Sara (August 2017)

Covergirls French Kiss By Fabian (July 2017)

Chance Of Golds Show Me The Buff (May 2017)

CD Fashion Is My Kryptonite (February 2017)

Tricetta CE Abbys Lady Spice (January 2017)

Hunterberry Hill Cherie Amore (December 2016)

Lucky Four Rebelchase Exotica (December 2016) Heading Overseas!

Minners Unforgettable Irish Blessing (November 2016)

Libertys Redi To Dare (November 2016)

DVM Geneses Lady Eyes (November 2016)

Azariahs Unpisputed Star (September 2016)

Flying G Assured Mailbu Barbie (August 2016)

Ravenwoods Another Chance (July 2016)

Hopkins Golden Image (July 2016)

CD Fashion Is My Kryptonite (July 2016)

DVM Rebs Heaven On Earth (June 2016)

Ericas Trotters Bab E Doll (June 2016)

PHR ZP Mystique (May 2016)

OR Missdemeanor Buckskin Beads Hawk (April 2016)

Aloha Acres Flirting With The Lite (April 2016

OR LM Hawks Phantom Of The Opera (April 2016)

Los Arboles Extreme Sensation (April 2016)

Aloha Acres Lady Of Lite (February 2016)

Wingate Indiana (January 2016)

Stars Gift Wrapped (January 2016)

Hopkins Irresistible Image (October 2015)

Lovett Farms Settin Fancy Free (October 2015)

CMCs Scouts Rowdy Baroness (September 2015)

DW Buckin Rosa Mia (September 2015)

Stars Glass Slippers (August 2015)

Ravenwood War Of The Roses (July 2015)







Bandidos All Blinged Out (June 2015)

Sunny Side JoniBuck O So Wild (June 2015)

Hopkins Champagne Fame (May 2015)

Gander Hill California Chromin (April 2015)

Lazy N Unforgettable Desires (February 2015)

Tapestrys Triple Shot Espresso (February 2015)

Gander Hill CA Lady In Black (February 2015)

LK Eagles Unos Ritzy Rose (February 2015)

Vista Valley Its About Romance (December 2014)

Covergirl Rocks QueenOf RockNRoll (December 2014) SOLD IN 4 DAYS!

Tyler's Kashmire Sapphire of LTF

Playtimes In Amir Or IC Me2 (November 2014)

RFM Geneses ShesMyTen (October 2014)

Hopkins The Joker In January (October 2014)

Hopkins The Jokers Blazin Jasmin (October 2014)

Ravenwood Dreamcatcher (August 2014)

Stars Miss Majestic (August 2014)

Mercedes Giselle (August 2014)

Gander Hill California Keepsake (July 2014)

Ten Ls Kiss Me In The Buff (June 2014)

Ten Ls Bikini Buff (May 2014)  Heading overseas

Hopkins The Jokers Irish Eyes (May 2014)

Black Mountain Troubadors Lyric (March 2014)

Hunterberry Hill High Hopes 4U (February 2014)

Mountain Meadows Breakers Fiesta (February 2014)

Hills Geneses Forevermore (January 2014)

LK Eagles Unos Graceful Ginger (January 2014)

Hunterberry Hill Have A Little Jazz (January 2014)

Arion Bandstand Harmony (December 2013)

Rivendells Carmel Contessa (November 2013)

Rainbow Ridge Moonlight Serenade (November 2013)

Gander Hills California Elegance (November 2013)

Hunterberry Hill Kenya SE (October 2013)

LR Hennessey Precious Girl (October 2013)

LR Hennesseys Mne All Mine (October 2013)

Ten Ls Destinys Im In The Buff Too (October 2013 - Congrats to Lynn Gulledge-Fatale!)

Poco De Oro Bella Mia (October 2013)

Lucky Four Rowdys Reason To Dream (September 2013)

LM Hawks Thumblelina (September 2013)

Elite Velvet Vixen (September 2013)

Gander Hill Miss California (July 2013)

Caldwell's Whata Pretty Picture (June 2013)

RFM Geneses Russian Contessa (June 2013)

Alliance Unforgettably Charmed (heading overseas!)

Alliance Fiery Kisses (heading overseas!)

Ericas Take My Picture

Sunny Side JoniBuck O So Fanci - (Congrats, Bill & Caroline Robinson)

Westwind Hopalongs Top Silver Star

Wa-Fulls Sweet Snip's Brandy

HHP Desirable Debutante

Dundees Replicas Wild Ginger

Ten Ls Passion In The Buff

LM Kodys Pretty Penny

CMC RG Appear In Glory

Eastside Making Waves

LM Idols Rihanna Hawk

GRF Lines Little Lass

Hytide Hallelujah

LR Hennesseys Miss Baily



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