2022 Miniature Horse Yearling Mares For Sale

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EE Rebel Yells Leather and Lace



AMHA/AMHR Registered 2022 Silver Dapple Show Mare



EE Wingates Rebel Yell x EE Pistols Sentimental Lady


Foaled 4/8/2022




This tiny baby doll Currently measures 24 inches and may stay under 30” at maturity.


Lacey has outstanding conformation, temperament, beauty, and athleticism.


She truly is a one-of-a-kind filly.


Show her as a Junior Mare and start collection some hardware!


She's worth of a World/National Champion trophy for sure and we are excited to place her in a serious show home


Lacey will add so much to your breeding program.


She should be an asset to any farm looking to produce SMALL and correct Miniatures with tried & true lineage.



PRICED WELL AT $5,000.00




Contact Jacob Elliott


Located in Galt, California


(011522NX) Ad updated 12/26/2022







CMC Jacob's Black Eyed Susan



AMHA/AMHR 2022 Black (turning grey) Shetland Blend Mare


CMC Jesse's Gem Lodestar   x   Lucky Four Domino Neon Nites


Foaled 4/23/2022





Susan is a pretty & correct little mare that is projected to mature at just 31" tall.


Her pedigree is TOP-OF-THE-LINE!


Susan's sire is World GRAND CHAMPION CMC Jesses Gem Lodestar who is sired by TRIPLE REGISTERED stallion, MCCARTHYS JESSE JAMES OF RIVENBURGH.


We LOVE the blending of Shetland with the classical Miniature lines that made Lucky Four Farms an icon in the Mini Horse industry.


This carefully planned Shetland/Miniature blend resulted in a TINY, correct mare with the best trait of both Mini & Pony.


Susan is upright and showy with a long, well set-neck, rarely seen in horses THIS small.


We feel she will make a true asset to any Miniature Horse breeding program once she retires from the show ring.


Susan is black based, fading into a lovely grey like her beautiful dam.




Priced at $3,800.00


Carmelite Mini Corral

403 West County Road

Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania 18249

(570) 788-1205



Located in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania


(012223NX) Ad updated 01/02/2022








Maple Hollow Rems Harmony (December 2022)

Applecreeks Touch Of Texas (September 2022)

Stars De Vil JTS (August 2022)

Hopkins Surreal Chagall (August 2022) Headed Overseas!

JSW Prime Times Shez Just Classy (April 2022)

JSW Prime Times Sheer Class (April 2022)

JSW Epics Indian Lace (April 2022)

JSW Whittmores Madam Secretary (April 2022)

JSW Da Vincis Wishful Dream (April 2022)

JSW Da Vincis Sacred Flame (APril 2022)

JSW Prime Times Pretty Please (April 2022)

CMC Jacobs Simone (October 2021)

Hopkims Surreal Dali (August 2021)

TenLs Pretty N Pearls N Motion (August 2021)

LM Pearl Jam/Daring Evening 2020 Palomino (July 2021)

Equisport Amari Spring Regalia (June 2021)

World Of Miniatures Anthems Baylene (June 2021)

Stars Certainly A Star (March 2021)

Stars Runway Rogue (March 2021)

Stars Girl Next Door (February 2021)

Cocos Shining Lite (January 2021)

Hunterberry Hill Impressive Adora (January 2021)

B Meyer's Darque Eclipse (October 2020)

Hopkins PC Papaya (October 2020)

Stars Top Pocket Find (August 2020)

Hopkins Surreal Khaleesi (July 2020)

Aloha Acres Shes Eye Kandy (July 2020)

Hopkins PC Portia (July 2020)

E4 Farm Viking Kings Starla (June 2020) Heading to So Cal!

B Meyer Double Dot (May 2020)

PHR Jess Esmerelda (May 2020)

Stars Could It Be (April 2020)

Hopkins PC Priscilla (January 2020)

DVM Pasos Eliza Rose (February 2020)

DVM Trouly ShezNtertaining (February 2020)

NMotion 2019 Ruler Mare (January 2020)

DVM Pasos 24K Magic (December 2019)

DVM As Sweet As Honey (December 2019)

CMC Gem Of The Nation (August 2019) Sold to Texas

Stars Idols I Sparkle (July 2019)

Olympian Country Lady Luck (July 2019)

Olympian Idols Felina Hawk (July 2019)

Hills Unique Rosalia (June 2019)

Hopkins PC Phoebe (April 2019)

Hopkins PC Pandora (April 2019)

Hopkins Isadora Image (April 2019)

Hopkins Ilsa Image (April 2019)

Minners Razzle Dazzle (March 2019)

Hopkins PC Pippa (February 2019)

TOF Baybees Arabella (December 2018)

Ericas Undisputably A Knockout (September 2018)

Comferts Rock E Candy Girl (August 2018)

Ranchland Acres California Heat (June 2018)

Comferts Sh-ock Top (June 2018)

PHR Kalahari Bey (May 2018)

Hopkins PC Paisley (April 2018)

Hopkins Impossible Image (April 2018)

Hopkins PC Penelope (April 2018)

Hopkins Impatient Image (April 2018)

Hopkins Incognito Image (April 2018)

Hopkins PC Peppermint (April 2018)

MJM Unique Aftershock (February 2018) Heading Overseas

THQ Gambling On Stardom (February 2018)

Hopkins PC Paris (January 2018)

Hopkins PC Pepper (January 2018)

Libertys (you name her) "Honey" (January 2018)

Hopkins Impassioned Image (December 2017)

Moms Making Music (October 2017)

Little Wolfs Barcardi Bombshell (September 2017)

MNMS Spotted Up The Wazoo (May 2017)

ABC Prime Time Glory Revival (May 2017)

ABC Prime Time Misty Rose (May 2017)

Ozark Mtn Treasures White Diamonds (March 2017)

Hopkins Invincible Image (February 2017)

Silver W Hawks Angel Wings (January 2017)

Reeces National Velvet (January 2017)

Hopkins One Small Moment (December 2016)

TOF Baybees Margarita (December 2016)

Covergirls Idols Hot Mess Hawk (December 2016)

Hopkins Babydoll Image (November 2016)

Double Trebles Starlight Sonota (November 2016)

Amore Grand Marqui (November 2016)

Ravenwoods Tardy For The Party (November 2016)

2016 Country Boy Show Filly out of TEENY TOO (August 2016)

Ozark Mnt Treasures Godiva (July 2016)








2016 Filly by "Country Boy" (April 2016)

Hopkins Salsa Image (December 2015)

PHR Salsas Sangria (November 2015)

Standing Ovation Copper Penny (November 2015)

Aloha Acres Remember The Lite (October 2015)

Aloha B Springhill A Silent Sunrise (October 2015)

Stars Gotta Lotta Glitter (October 2015)

MJM Im So Schmancy (September 2015)

Los Arboles Baylight (September 2015)

Los Arboles Idols Classical Jazz (September 2015)

Double Treble Dun With Class (September 2015)

Triple Registered SHOW Filly offered by Limestone Miniatures (September 2015)

Aloha Acres Nicolite (August 2015) Sold to New York

Stars Girl On Fire (August 2015)

Stars Glass Slippers (August 2015)

Ravenwood Another Chance (July 2015)

Winning Streaks Chromatic (June 2015)

Stars Majestic Mist (May 2015)

Eagles Ring Bu2ful Dreamer by Buzz

LM Idols ... (December 2014)

Olympian Idols April Love (December 2014)

Eleven Acres Truly A Tempest (November 2014) Sold to the Briggs Family

Hills Deep River Woman (October 2014)

Stars Gimme The Moon (October 2014)

Eagles Ring Hot Sauce By Buzz (October 2014)

Alliance Boleros Regina (October 2014)

MJM Pistoleros Miss May (September 2014)

Stars Girl Gone Wild (August 2014)

Poco De Oro Regalos Fancy This (July 2014)

Cross Country Private Terms 2014 Daughter  (June 2014)

Mountain Meadows Rafeeqs Mistique (November 2013)

MiniEquine A Ravenwood Christmas (November 2013)

Brookhavens Dorothy Gale (October 2013)

RFM Geneses Gypsy Magic (October 2013)

Stars Guiding Light (October 2013)

Ravenwood Dream Catcher (October 2013)

Ravenwood Champagne Memories (October 2013)

Ericas Gone Platinum (October 2013)

Finchwoods PlayMe A Sweet Melody (October 2013)

Azariahs Jazz Z Eagle (October 2013)

Stars Gives Me Hope (September 2013)

Hopkins The Jokers Moonlight Ink (August 2013)

Stars Good Knight Sweetheart (August 2013)

LM Idols Delilah Hawk (July 2013)

Mulligans Run Silent Heirloom (July 2013)

Double Treble Lady Echo (June 2013)

Stars Going To Love Me

JA Miniatures Super Charger

Stars Glamorous

Caldwells Hey Good Looking

Dundees Replicas Short Story

Mulligans Run Dreams Spellbound

LR Hennesseys Blue Angel

SFM Bucks Lil

MJM Buckeye WCF Belle Amore

MJM Aristocrats Belle Noire

LR Hennesseys Dream Girl

Brookhavens Let Me Down Easy

Brookhavens Martini With A Twist




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