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SC Johnson Presents:

Miniature Horse Showmanship DVD

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Samantha Clark Johnson

Brooksville, Florida

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How To Clip Your Miniature Horse

Educational DVD

By Brooke Sheridan - Clipping EXPERT


FACT -- Miniature horses grow a LOT of hair. 

FACT-- Most miniature horses will benefit from body clipping from once to several times per year, be that just a basic clipping for comfort in hot weather, or the "whole deal" in preparation for the show ring or a photo shoot. 

FACT -- I am the professional clipper that many, many of the nation's foremost miniature horse farms rely on to perform those services!  And not only are these farms my clients, they become my friends as well. 

FACT -- I am happy to service smaller farms and individual clients.  I enjoy meeting and working with everyone whether that be a big farm, small farm, or a one-horse owner. Click on Brooke's LOGO below to go to her website and purchase your own copy - to learn everything there is to know about clipping YOUR Miniature Horse!

Introducing: the first "How To" series tutorial video!

I am happy to introduce the first of a series of downloadable "How-To" videos which expands on the techniques taught in the "How To Clip a Miniature Horse" DVD.  This 30-minute tutorial addresses the all important topic:  How To Do a Great Facial.    There is nothing that brings out the beauty of your horse's head like a skillful blend of clipping and razoring.  This video will take you step by step through the sculpting process and I will also share with you my trade secrets for enhancing three "tricky" colors:  white/palomino, pinto and buckskin.  Enjoy, and happy clipping!

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