Miniature Horse Gift Items for Sale

Would YOU like to list YOUR items on our Mini Horse Products pages? The cost is $25.00 per item (even if you have multiple sizes/colors of that same product) Your item will be posted on this website and on our fan page on Facebook, reaching over 70,000 fans!

(Large Equipment listings such as trailers or real estate are $45.00 EACH)

Anything Mini-horse related - as long as it is clean and in safe working order is eligible.

Check your tack room and make a little extra CASH for show season!



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How Can Something So Small…Tshirt

This gorgeous stonewashed green T-shirt designed by Nancy Switzer is the sixth in a series of 6.


Minis – The Little Horse that Could!
This gorgeous blue T-shirt designed by Nancy Switzer is the 2nd in a series of 6.



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  mini tack




Looking for the Perfect Gift?





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  ozark mountain mini tack




PonyUP Kentucky Handbags & Totes

Thank you for helping PonyUP! Kentucky help horses in need!

Our elegant, unique, high quality PonyUP! Kentucky handbags are all proudly handmade in the United States.


Proceeds from the sales of these handbags benefit retired and rescued horses in need.

Everything ships for free in the United States—always. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our exclusive patterns are often in limited supplies. We frequently add new patterns to our collection, so check back often to see our new arrivals! All of our handbags are interchangeable with our leather shoulder straps. You can buy a handbag with a strap, and then you can buy more handbags without the straps at lower a price. It’s fun to mix and match!

We offer several strap choices. Our handbags are all made of luxurious, durable fabric, and all seams are double-stitched for strength. Our handbags are lined with durable, satin-finish fabric made of a heavy polyester-rayon blend. Most of our handbags close with a sturdy magnetic purse snap–a few, as noted, zip closed.

In addition to our classic PonyUP! Kentucky Equestrian Hobo Handbags, we also feature smaller PonyUP! Kentucky Petite Hobo Handbags; Equestrian Bridle Bags, Petite Bridle Bags, and Middle Bridle Bags; Sweet Pleats Petite Hobos; Equestrian Essentials Bags; Equestrian Messenger Bags; Equestrian Saddle Bags; Equitation Handbags; and Equestrian Totes. Scroll down for images, dimensions, and more information about these luxurious, unique handbags.


"Ritzforg 127"

Crime/Mystery novel for horse lovers!

Ritzforg 127, beloved stallion of Brandywine Farm , has been stolen right out from under the noses of his trainer and the competitors at a horse show.

Days later, the trainer is found dead in the tack room of his show stable. The police have no idea how to solve the theft and have no leads to the death of the trainer. Marla Mesconti, trainer at Reach For The Stars Stables takes matters into her own hands and steps in to pick up where the police dropped off.

The high-stakes mystery travels from New Hampshire to Kentucky and back through the world of show horses. Can Marla and her friends solve the crimes and get Ritzforg 127 back to his home pastures?

Available at for $8.95


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