Two Year Old Miniature Mares - 2015 Mares


Libertys Sugar Cat


AMHA Registered 2015 32" Black Pinto Mare


Libertys Tom Cat  x   Libertys Dream Sugar Lady


Foaled 4/16/2015






We recently purchased this pinto mare because she was just too pretty to pass up.


Now we have some to realize we just don't have enough room to bring her home.


We have TOO MANY horses and so we are regretfully offering many of our favorite horses FOR SALE.




Cat has not been handled much but she's kind and willing.


With time and patience, no doubt she could be a winning show horse like her siblings.


Cat has a star stuffed pedigree. Remember Libertys Miss Kentucky -


- the ONLY 3x AMHA World SUPREME CHAMPION in history?


Cat goes back to Miss Kentucky's SIRE,LITTLE KINGS LEATHERWOOD BUCKEROO on top & bottom of her pedigree! Cat crosses back to Buckeroo 3x.





She's a shy mare that would make a rewarding project horse.



She shows talent for driving and is pretty enough to halter once she's fit up and conditioned.



Perhaps an older youth or ambitious amateur would love to turn Cat into a confident and successful performance mare?



More photos soon!






They are priced LOW to sell quickly -



but at these prices we will be very selective in approving their future homes.



She is AMHA registered.



PRICED AT $800.00




Karen Rudolph (agent)

617-320-3313 (text please!)



Sue or Laurie Boyer

(314) 677-4309



Currently located in Taylorsville, Kentucky


(817) Ad updated 9/23/2017





Lucky Four Thunders Dream ComTru



2015 AMHA/AMHR 32" Black Minimal Pinto Mare w/Chrome





Foaled 4/03/2015


Another mare that is everything we have ever bred for!



Reluctantly offering her for sale to a serious show or breeding home as we begin to reduce our numbers to ease our workload.



Dream's name has a very special meaning.





Wade Burns (co-owner of Lucky Four Farms) had always dreamed of breeding a black horse with white socks.


This mare was a "dream come true" for him.



Now she can be YOUR dream come true!



Her pedigree speaks volumes as to the QUALITY of this mare!






She is a direct daughter of LUCKY FOUR REBELS CHASIN RAINBOWS.



Dream's sire is out of World Champion, LUCKY FOUR SHEZ SOFANCI.


He has 2 crosses back to the epic L & D SCOUT



  Her terrific show attitude would make her suitable for any amateur. 



She is one of our very best and would be an asset to any select breeding program.









Offered at $2,500.00





Offered as part of the Lucky Four Farms herd reduction sale!


We aren't retiring! Just reducing our numbers so we can continue to enjoy the horses we have!

Lucky Four Farms is owned Wade Burns and Jon Woodring , breeders of Top Quality Miniature Horses welcome you to our farm.  We believe that constant awareness and an open mind lead to a successful breeding program.  Our program was founded on the great stallions, Sids Rebel, Little Kings Black Velvet and the late Richters Apache.  Many of our horses are five generations of "Lucky Four" breeding, although we are never beyond adding new blood from time to time.

We are offering some of our very BEST horses at this time - and they are priced right to sell! Please inquire



Wade Burns & Jon Woodring

Advance, North Carolina, 27006


(336) 998- 4402 (barn)



Located in Advance, North Carolina 27006


(817) Ad updated 10/7/2017





Stars Girl On Fire



AMHA/AMHR 29" 2015 Silver Dapple Mare


Nirvanas Black Knight (Gator)    x    Bar B Paris Supreme


Foaled 1/20/2015



Tiny & correct mare for sale!


Catniss comes from a strong line of champion show horses.


Her sire is a World Champion producing son of FIRST KNIGHTS BREAKIN ALL THE RULES.


Her dam is a a direct daughter of 2x AMHA National Champion, BREWERS CLASSIC SUPREME.


Catniss has been shown successfully in 2016.







She has a bright and cheery disposition and is extremely well mannered.


You will fall in love with her outgoing personality.



We'd LOVE to see her out showing with a youth or amateur.



Catniss will make a neat all-around prospect.


Her pedigree is one that is worthy of continuing,








She would make a top broodmare once she retires from the show ring.



The current owners of this mare are changing their breeding program to ASPC Shetlands and so Catniss is being offered for sale.








PRICED AT $3,000.0o

REDUCED 8/28/2017!!






Joey Fortin


Brunswick, Maine

(207) 841-1212


Located in Brunswick, Maine


(817) Ad updated 8/28/2017





Bandido's Repeated In Red



ASPC/AMHR Shetland 2015 Sorrel Pinto Mare


Filipowiczs That's All Foulks (HOF)     x    Noblebrooks Canadian Girl Of Establo


Foaled 6/24/2015



Arenoa bred, TOP & BOTTOM!



We'll let her photos speak for themselves - this pretty mare exemplifies her lineage in a BIG way -








She has the trim, Arenosa barrle and long, hooky neck so typical of those lines.



Her markings are BOLD and bright.


She measures at 36.5" as a full two years old and should mature at 38".



Her powerful genetics ensure her value as a broodmare.







Add some Arenosa to YOUR ASPC/AMHR breeding program.




- if she doesn't sell, we'll keep her and add RED to our progressive breeding program in the future!




OFFERED AT $3,500.00










Welcome to Diva Valley Miniature Horse Farm !

We started raising Miniature Horses in 1980 as Jones’ Mini-Whinnies but have now converted to Diva Valley Miniature Horse Farm as we have changed our breeding program to accommodate the ever increasing competition in the AMHA and AMHR.  DVM Farms is owned by Nicole and Boomer Pearsall and is located in western Pennsylvania just off I-80 just a few yards over the OH/PA border about an hour north of Pittsburgh and an hour east of Akron, OH.  Nicole and Boomer also own Penn-Ohio Veterinary Services which is also located at their residence in West Middlesex which requires a lot of their attention; however, with the help of Nicole’s amazing mother, Elaine Buchanan, the horses are well-taken care of and spoiled !  Our horses boast many of the top bloodlines that are winning in the show ring today such as Graham’s Ragtime, First Knights Billy Idol, Champion Farms Nighthawk, and Buckeye WCF Leeland Royal Grand; but, at the same time are deeply rooted in bloodlines that have stood the test of time such as FWF Little Blue Boy, Boogerman, Rowdy, Sid’s Rebel, FWF Little Wardance, and Gold Melody Boy.  Our horses hold many AMHA and AMHR National titles and also Hall of Fame titles.  Now after 35 + years of raising miniatures, we are very proud of what we are producing.  We have sold minis to many different countries and enjoyed meeting people from all over the World.  Please feel free to call or stop by our farm to see what we have to offer!



Nicole & Boomer Pearsall
5 Jimro Road

West Middlesex, PA 16159
(412)527-0358  (call or text)


Located in Pennsylvania


(216) Ad updated 8/14/2017





Cedar Rails Cherished Memories



AMHA/AMHR/KMHB Nominated 2015 Silver Buckskin SHOW Mare



mini horse mare for sale

Buckeye WCF In Your Wildest Dreams    x     Lil Promises Absolutly Faithful


Foaled 3/28/2015



SERIOUSLY in love with this mare!



First of all she's KMHB Nominated - (click on logo below right for details!)






- that means every point earned at an AMHA sanctioned show equals DOLLARS in your pocket!




Many owners of KMHB horses receive a $$ check $$ at the end of the year - up to a few thousand dollars!





On top of that - this mare is SO beautifully balanced and correct.


Her long neck is naturally trim with a well angled shoulder that lends itself to a future driving career.



She has an excellent topline and strong hip with a high, correct tail set.



And the judges agree!







Sissy was shown lightly and was AMHR Res Champion Junior Mare and AMHR Res GRAND CHAMPION Mare.





Sissy has a good bite and straight, correct legs.


Her pedigree includes the best of Buckeye WCF and Willow Creek breeding.



She should mature right under 34" and be the ideal height for a performance horse or prized broodmare.



She's a sweet mare and easy to work with -




- a smart addition to any farm!







Priced at$1,500.00




Paula Langheim



Located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky


(517) Ad updated 4/21/2017






EE Princes Sara

AMHA/AMHR 2015 Palomino Yearling SHOW Mare


++ Sara's dam is a 2016 AMHA Res World Champion Country Pleasure Driving Mare! +






Covergirls French Kiss By Fabian


AMHA/AMHR 2015 Perlino Show Mare







PHR Candy Crush



AMHR National Champion Yearling Mare in 2016!






Ravenwood Come On Over


AMHA Registered 2015 32" Bay Pinto Mare

Double Bred L&D Scout Mare




PHR Candy Crush (August 2017) Congrats to CMC Miniatures

EE Princes Sara (August 2017)

Covergirls French Kiss By Fabian (July 2017)

Chance Of Golds Show Me The Buff (May 2017)

CD Fashion Is My Kryptonite (February 2017)

Tricetta CE Abbys Lady Spice (January 2017)

Hunterberry Hill Cherie Amore (December 2016)

Lucky Four Rebelchase Exotica (December 2016) Heading Overseas!

Minners Unforgettable Irish Blessing (November 2016)

Libertys Redi To Dare (November 2016)

DVM Geneses Lady Eyes (November 2016)

Azariahs Unpisputed Star (September 2016)

Flying G Assured Mailbu Barbie (August 2016)

Ravenwoods Another Chance (July 2016)

Hopkins Golden Image (July 2016)

CD Fashion Is My Kryptonite (July 2016)

DVM Rebs Heaven On Earth (June 2016)

Ericas Trotters Bab E Doll (June 2016)

PHR ZP Mystique (May 2016)

OR Missdemeanor Buckskin Beads Hawk (April 2016)

Aloha Acres Flirting With The Lite (April 2016

OR LM Hawks Phantom Of The Opera (April 2016)

Los Arboles Extreme Sensation (April 2016)

Aloha Acres Lady Of Lite (February 2016)

Wingate Indiana (January 2016)

Stars Gift Wrapped (January 2016)

Hopkins Irresistible Image (October 2015)

Lovett Farms Settin Fancy Free (October 2015)

CMCs Scouts Rowdy Baroness (September 2015)

DW Buckin Rosa Mia (September 2015)

Stars Glass Slippers (August 2015)

Ravenwood War Of The Roses (July 2015)

Bandidos All Blinged Out (June 2015)

Sunny Side JoniBuck O So Wild (June 2015)

Hopkins Champagne Fame (May 2015)

Gander Hill California Chromin (April 2015)

Lazy N Unforgettable Desires (February 2015)

Tapestrys Triple Shot Espresso (February 2015)

Gander Hill CA Lady In Black (February 2015)

LK Eagles Unos Ritzy Rose (February 2015)

Vista Valley Its About Romance (December 2014)

Covergirl Rocks QueenOf RockNRoll (December 2014) SOLD IN 4 DAYS!

Tyler's Kashmire Sapphire of LTF

Playtimes In Amir Or IC Me2 (November 2014) Congratulations to Janet King

RFM Geneses ShesMyTen (October 2014)

Hopkins The Joker In January (October 2014)





Hopkins The Jokers Blazin Jasmin (October 2014)

Ravenwood Dreamcatcher (August 2014)

Stars Miss Majestic (August 2014)

Mercedes Giselle (August 2014)

Gander Hill California Keepsake (July 2014)

Ten Ls Kiss Me In The Buff (June 2014)

Ten Ls Bikini Buff (May 2014)  Heading overseas

Hopkins The Jokers Irish Eyes (May 2014)

Black Mountain Troubadors Lyric (March 2014)

Hunterberry Hill High Hopes 4U (February 2014)

Mountain Meadows Breakers Fiesta (February 2014)

Hills Geneses Forevermore (January 2014)

LK Eagles Unos Graceful Ginger (January 2014)

Hunterberry Hill Have A Little Jazz (January 2014)

Arion Bandstand Harmony (December 2013)

Rivendells Carmel Contessa (November 2013)

Rainbow Ridge Moonlight Serenade (November 2013)

Gander Hills California Elegance (November 2013)

Hunterberry Hill Kenya SE (October 2013)

LR Hennessey Precious Girl (October 2013)

LR Hennesseys Mne All Mine (October 2013)

Ten Ls Destinys Im In The Buff Too (October 2013 - Congrats to Lynn Gulledge-Fatale!)

Poco De Oro Bella Mia (October 2013)

Lucky Four Rowdys Reason To Dream (September 2013)

LM Hawks Thumblelina (September 2013)

Elite Velvet Vixen (September 2013)

Gander Hill Miss California (July 2013)

Caldwell's Whata Pretty Picture (June 2013)

RFM Geneses Russian Contessa (June 2013)

Alliance Unforgettably Charmed (heading overseas!)

Alliance Fiery Kisses (heading overseas!)

Ericas Take My Picture

Sunny Side JoniBuck O So Fanci - (Congrats, Bill & Caroline Robinson)

Westwind Hopalongs Top Silver Star

Wa-Fulls Sweet Snip's Brandy

HHP Desirable Debutante

Dundees Replicas Wild Ginger

Ten Ls Passion In The Buff

LM Kodys Pretty Penny

CMC RG Appear In Glory

Eastside Making Waves

LM Idols Rihanna Hawk

GRF Lines Little Lass

Hytide Hallelujah

LR Hennesseys Miss Baily




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